Bomford FALCON VFA Boom Mower

The Falcon Evo Forward arm is perfect for contractors and municipal environments, where the added benefits of a forward arm is required to improve visibility.

With high specification options and a range of controls to select from, the Falcon range is first choice for contractors.


5.5m or 6.0/6.5m telescopic reach


Fixed forward reach of 1.2m


Heavy duty linkage on 5.5 or axle bracket mounted on 6.0 & 6.5


1.2m or 1.5m cutting head

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Measured from the centerline of the loader, the mower shall be capable of reaching to the right or left of the loader 11’-0”.

Vertical reach dependent on the loader selected. With loader 2’ off ground flattop 5’, vertical 12’ – 3” inverted 9’-2”
Mower shall have a switching valve permitting hydraulic system for rams. All function operational from loader joystick controls.
Operated by rams from digital control to permit 90 degree movement. Rams to be double acting.
Operated by loader valve to one single acting ram to raise and move mower head to mow right hand or left hand. Ram shall be connected to a 51 cu. In. reservoir with restrictor to prevent unwanted movement at center position.
Shall be a hydraulically operated flail head 60 inches long, fitted with a tubular shaft. The 60” head shall have 40 flail stations and shall be fitted with drop-forged double-edged flails capable of cutting and mulching grass and branches up to 4” in. diameter.

Shall have ¼” high grade steel side plates, heavy duty 3/16” high grade steel cowling, 3/8” all rotor shaft, 6” pivoting roller, built in wire safety guard, fully adjustable front guard and rear full length rubber flap for debris containment.

Unit shall also have 50mm heavy duty rotor shaft bearings, twin speed rotor shaft (2400/3000 RPM), top mounted cast iron motor, triple belt drive and full slide mount feature.

An adjustable metal roller, six inch diameter (minimum), to give cutting heights between 3/4 inch and 3 inch with regreasable sealed bearings shall be fitted at the rear of the cowl.

Rotor shaft shall be driven by a hydraulic motor with three matched V-belts and grooved pulleys. Rotor shaft rotation shall be clockwise and counter clockwise, with a speed of 2200 to 2900 RPM.