Roundup Crisis!

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You will have heard about Glyphosate a.k.a. Roundup has be listed as possibly cancer causing and now listed in the State of California’s prop 65.

Many Cities and other governmental agencies have prohibited its use in their jurisdiction.

Whether or not it is justified it is a fact that the most popular folia spray is going to be harder to use and we all need to look at the alternatives. 

We have heard that alternative ‘natural’ chemicals are being tried.

Vinegar being one of them.

Hopefully, we will find some solutions.

If we can’t use chemicals we will have to rethink and revise other mechanical techniques.

Obviously, mowers are the answer but we must make them cost effective and safe.

Paradoxically, mowers used to make areas fire safe are often the cause of a fire.

Mowers start a lot of fires, millions of dollars are spent, lives are lost and property is damaged or destroyed. 

The days of a part time mower guy with an old tractor and a Bushog on the back are over.

Fire prevention mowing now requires a crew with on- demand fire extinguishing equipment ready to put out a fire instantly.

The crew should be trained on how to tackle a fire.

At the same time, with the correct choice of equipment the crew can clear big open spaces, awkward edges, roadsides and fence lines.

A comprehensive approach to do a complete weed abatement operation is what is required to make the state as safe as possible.

Mowers to consider are flail boom mower to do roadsides and flood control channels.

Rubber tracked mowers to do hillsides.

Radio controlled mowers for dangerously steep hillsides.

Wide area flex wing mowers to do large areas quickly and cheaply.

And, of course, the last resort line trimmers the use of which should be kept to a minimum due to their cost per square foot.

The other areas that have to be considered should your customer stop you from using Roundup are commercial buildings such as office buildings and shopping malls.

Roundups place can be taken up by using battery powered hand tools.

Stihl make a comprehensive range of battery powered hand tools that are powerful and can hold their own against traditional gas powered.

At Powerland we are working on producing mowers that are safer to use in areas of severe fire danger.

Governor Brown said that having fires throughout the year may be the new normal and we agree with him that a new approach needs to evolve to reduce the danger.

Boom mower sales on the increase.

Reach Mower, Boom Mower, Slope Mower

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Boom mower sales on the increase.

After years of drought California has had a very good wet season.

All the boom mowers that sat, unused for many years, have been resurrected and put in service. Or have they?

The new Bomford boom mowers

Boom Mower

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The new Bomford boom mowers.

We have been a distributor for Bomford Turner for 40 years and that association has brought many advantages and innovations to boom mowers.

As we are our own biggest customer with the largest fleet of privately owned boom mowers in California and maybe the whole western United States we know what works for us.

Bomford has always listened to our suggestions and ideas and we now believe that we have the best boom mower that money can buy.



With the host of remote controlled mowers appearing nearly every week are they going to replace boom mowers?

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With the host of remote controlled mowers appearing nearly every week are they going to replace boom mowers?

Just like cars and trucks they all have their advantages and disadvantages. You wouldn’t take your Cadillac to get a load of topsoil and you wouldn’t take your family in your Toyota single cab.

So, we have seen that there is a need for remote controlled mowers and we have tried out a number from different manufactures.


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