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Bomford boom mowers are the best boom mowers, they're affordably priced and built to last! These are the boom mowers that will change the market, and we've got them exclusively at Powerland Equipment, your Bomford West Dealer! Learn more about Bomford Boom Mowers Below, and explore the different models!


Bomford Hawk Boom Mower

The Bomford Hawk "Evo" VFA range of arm mowers provide the professional customer with an extensive choice of arm reaches, controls, tractor fitting and cutting options that will ensure Bomford has the right arm mower to suit every application. The Hawk VFA Boom mower is perfect for farmers, small contractors, and municipal environments when needing to hedge trim or verge mow.

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Powerland RoadRunner APM Boom Mover

The RoadRunner APM is a professional compact Arm mower - perfect for amenity and estate use and also a firm favourite with small farmers as it can verge mow or hedge trim just as well as some of our larger models. The RoadRunner APM has many variants, and is available as front mount, along with small wheel loader and skid steer options.

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Bomford Falcon Boom Mower

The Falcon Boom Mower VFA is perfect for contractors and municipal environments, where the benefit of a forward arm is required to improve visibility. The Bomford Falcon Boom Mower incorporates a Variable Forward Arm (VFA), a unique parallel linkage system that enables the arm to be moved backward and forward while remaining parallel to the tractor, making hedge trimming more effective and easier to control.

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Bomford B81-81 Boom Mower

Bomford's 81-81 arm mower has been designed with levee, ditch, bank and general shoulder mowing in mind, where the ability to change between left or right hand cutting is advantageous, including time saving, greater production and operator comfort!

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About Bomford Boom Mowers

Founded in 1976, Powerland Equipment is the authorized Bomford Center West dealer, and is the primary distributor of Bomford boom mowers for the Western United States. Powerland is one of the few dealers in the nation to exclusively carry Bomford Boom Mowers!

Bomford is a UK company that has been pioneering innovative design in the outdoor power industry since the late 1800’s, and Powerland Equipment is excited to bring the benefits of that experience to our customers. Bomford boom mowers exceed the quality and expectations of any other boom mower on the market, and also exceed the durability and longevity of other brands, which saves money for you in the long run.

Due to the New Carb-Compliant tractors, mid-mount mowers may no longer be an option, while the Bomford boom mower has better operator visibility and is fully functional and easy to install on these carb compliant model tractors.

The Hawk and Falcon models have Variable Forward Arms that bring the mower head right up to the operator so neck twisting is a thing of the past. At last, a boom mower that can be installed in minutes, leaving the front loader in place and no Tier 4 exhaust interference.

As the Bomford Center West certified distributor for Bomford boom mowers and equipment, Powerland Equipment offers a wide selection of Bomford boom mowers, including the Bomford Hawk, Bomford Falcon, and Bomford Bandit, which are some of the most popular models. Whether you're managing roadside mowing or flood control levees, we have the equipment you need to get the job done right! Browse through our Bomford inventory for an extensive product list of boom mowers, reach mowers, arm mowers, hydraulic mowers and more!

Powerland Equipment appreciates the opportunity to provide the west with quality Bomford equipment! Located in Valley Center, California, we strive to serve our community and surrounding states. Whether you're located in Phoenix, Flagstaff or Tuscon, Arizona, Las Vegas, Nevada, Portland, Oregon, San Diego or Los Angeles, we have the equipment for you. Browse through our Bomford inventory for an extensive product list of boom mowers, reach mowers, arm mowers, hydraulic mowers and more! Powerland Equipment is here to answer any questions you may have concerning our Bomford boom mowers, so please feel free to give us a call at (800) 336-6937, or fill out our contact us form!